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Les Baux-de-Provence, France

Carrières de Lumières

Walk through living pictures and music in the Cathedral of Images. 

La Cathedrale d’Images (The Cathedral of Images) is a unique show set every year in Provence, not too far from Avignon.

Set in closed limestone quarries, the site provides an almost religious experience as visitors walk between its cold and dark walls, only to be surrounded by pictures and music. The show is an immersive experience as giant pictures are projected on walls, ceiling and floor, while music echoes all around.

The experience doesn’t stop at the show. The site itself is located along the narrow road of the Val d’Enfer, a twisted valley whose tortured rock formations are said to have inspired Dante in “The Divine Comedy”.

In that respect, driving to the Cathedral of Images is a journey through visions of Hell ending with a walk through the beauty of Heaven.

Since 2012 the company Culturespaces has operated the site under the name ‘Carrières de Lumières’.

Know Before You Go

Rte Val Enfer, D27
13520 Les Baux de Provence, France

Lat 43°44'56.27"N
Lon 4°47'48.94"E

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