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Lasva Water Tower

Lasva, Estonia

This old and disused water tower has received a new life as an art gallery with a piano staircase. 


The old water tower that once stood empty and rusting in the small village of Lasva, Estonia, has been transformed into a wonderfully creative gallery space. The rectangular brick building is painted all white except for a striking red and blue traditional pattern across the center of the tower. It’s your first sign that there’s something worth visiting here.

The most interesting thing about the new space is the musical spiral staircase that’s modeled after a piano. The steps run circularly over the middle atrium and include all the notes of the scale, so if you plan your steps accordingly you can play a melody. (Though probably you will need someone else to help hit all the right keys as the stairs run up for many floors.) Along with the different tones, the stairs are programmed with some electronic sounds like wild animals or an opera singer, so you can create a unique soundscape as you walk. 

Upstairs is a former metal water tank, now an exhibition space hosting a photography exhibit where you can learn about the local area. And on top of it is grass roof with a good viewing platform, that’s even equipped with a telescope.

Know Before You Go

The Lasva Village Wood Park is located nearby, featuring several stone sculptures of animals.

Lasva is connected by public transport with Võru that is the closest main hub for busses. The water tower is open to visitors in summer period (from June to September).

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