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Le Jardin Coquillage

Viry-Noureuil, France

The somewhat misnamed 'Garden of Shells' lovingly built from found objects. 


Boden Litnianski mirgratd from the Ukraine to France in the early 1930s where he worked as a bricklayer and a mason. During World War II Litniaski was taken prisoner in Germany for five years. Once he returned to france he bought a small, unkempt home near a highway in rural France.

At the age of 62 Litnianski decided to retire but old habits die hard. This mason worker began building a colorful enclosure around the house out of recycled materials he found in his area in order to minimize the noise from the roadway and to liven up “the greyness of everyday life”. Once he completed the surrounding wall Litnianski set forth in building pillars in his garden and then, until the age 92, continued to adorn his garden with these odd, colorful, found objects.

Unfortunately Litnianski passed away in 2005 leaving the preservation of this unique architectural work to his wife, Emilie. She took care of the site until her own passin in 2008 after which the site was closed to the public. In June 2009 this unique home was put up for sale. The inheritors hoped that someone who was interested in maintaining the site would put in an offer. 

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