Love Castle – Gyeongju, South Korea - Atlas Obscura

It’s not easy to define what Love Castle is. It’s definitely about sex, but whether it’s a museum, an art exhibition, or a monument to one’s life obsession is unclear, and perhaps purposefully so. 

On the scientific side, Love Castle embraces the physiological, the zoological, and the ethnographic side of sex, with documentaries and sex-related paraphernalia from all over the world. But there is also an artistic side on display, with no shortage of old and modern statues and paintings. Still, you can’t overlook the prosaic and trivialized side of the place, with exaggerated penises popping up everywhere.

Of note, there is a bright pink car that starts rocking when someone approaches it, with a set of instructions at hand that shows different sex positions available to those favouring a mobile setting for their love-making. Also worth mentioning is the short stroll in the garden, which is filled with sounds made by couples from different cultures having sex. Some of the modern statues explore the vulgar side of sexuality, with goggled-eyed workmen in front of over-sexualised strip-teasers, or a dog salivating next to a couple in bed—this last one is titled “After You.”

Perhaps, the only label that suits Love Castle is “oddity.” It’s an odd place that endears to visitors with a quirky look at a complex subject.

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