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Lviv Statue of Liberty

This unique Lady Liberty is one of the only examples of the figure sitting down. 


Literally sitting atop a dome atop a building in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, is one of the world’s most unique reincarnations of New York’s famous Statue of Liberty; this one is sitting.

Created in the late 19th century by Polish sculptor Leandro Marconi, the statue is not like any other recreation of Lady Liberty, and not just because of her pose. While the lady has her traditional crown and torch, the reclining figure is also flanked by two strapping shirtless men, marking the first time in history that Lady Liberty has been shown to be getting any action, even if it is just a metaphor for workers or something. In addition, the model of the figure is a bit more exaggerated than the New York original, with a pointier crown and a more elaborate robe.

Not everyone is so impressed with the figure however. Among the locals, the statue has been known to be called, “the lazy statue.” Given that it is the world’s only sitting Statue of Liberty aside from the ones on New York’s Help the Homeless posters, maybe they have a point.

The building atop which the statue sits now houses the city’s Ethnography Museum, so if you find yourself going to see one of the exhibits, be sure to look up and take in the relaxed figure. 

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