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The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

Get past the gatekeeper's apartment and enter an elaborate hoax of a restaurant with a Masonic feel. 


A magical place if you can find it, and if you can afford it. The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant has astronomical prices, incredible character performances, and white glove service. And if you can’t afford it? Don’t fear; simply ask for a “90 percent discount” when you get the bill and see the price dwindle to something far more affordable. 

The restaurant, named for the historic Eastern European region of Galicia (not to be confused with the autonomous community in Spain), takes a little more work than most. For starters, you’ll need to bang on an apartment door and convince the fellow blocking the entrance that you’re worthy of entering the restaurant through his kitchen. He’ll try to turn you away, so you’ll need to be persistent. But when you’re able to get in, it’s well worth it for the gigantic, humorous, and elaborate restaurant.

Be sure to visit both bathrooms, each featuring a toilet more stunning than the next. There’s plenty of Masonic imagery throughout the restaurant and, despite being in Ukraine, you’ll also notice some American Founding Fathers decorating the walls of the eatery. Depending on the time of day, musicians will be serenading you along with your meal. And what expensive restaurant is complete without a full-sized car inside?

Unlike many other themed restaurants, the food (which includes traditional and modern dishes ranging from Lviv cheesecake to dumplings to steak) and the actors make it well worth it. Just be sure that when the bill comes you ask for the discount, otherwise the restaurant’s name will live up to its promise!

Know Before You Go

The restaurant is on the second floor. The apartment dweller at the entrance may appear confused first and turn you away. It's typically after the second or third attempt that you're allowed in through the apartment and to the restaurant. With the discount, a bill of $143 will come to $14.

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April 18, 2019

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