McFarthest Spot – Meadow, South Dakota - Atlas Obscura
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Meadow, South Dakota

McFarthest Spot

The farthest you can be in the contiguous U.S. from a McDonald's location. 

With over 13,000 McDonalds locations (or roughly one for every 23,000 Americans), this is Fast Food Nation’s version of the Alamo.

Geographically speaking, in the lower 48 United States it is impossible to get farther away from a McDonald’s restaurant than this location in South Dakota. From the McFarthest Spot it would take 145 miles of driving (only 120 miles as the crow flies) before a visitor could devour their next “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.”

During the next road trip traversing South Dakota, pay some respect to the pioneers by taking the scenic route. Upon arrival, inhale and enjoy the lack of fryer grease in the air. Listen to the lack of crackle through a drive-thru speaker. Note the lack of clowns. You’re loving it.

Know Before You Go

Plug the following into a GPS devices, and let the winds and infrastructure take it from there:
Latitude: 45.459550
Longitude: -101.913560
(Please respect private property rights and postings.)