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Marconnott Mausoleum

Mount Olive Cemetery

When Joseph Marconnott died, he had a unique final wish: to be mummified and put on display. 

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When Joseph Marconnott died in 1924, he had a very unique final wish: to be mummified and displayed for all to see. He was likely preserved using a high index formaldehyde solution and not in the traditional sense of mummification. Instead of linens and canonic jars, he is wearing a fine suit and in an open coffin, rather than a sarcophagus. For many years all could drive to the Marconnott Mausoleum in order to view Joseph. In fear of vandalism, his glass door has now been replaced with one that is stainless steel and bearing a cross. His living relatives, including his great-great nephew who has the keys still visit “Uncle Joe.”

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