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Mozumdar Temple

This temple, built by an eccentric religious leader before his death, sits guarded and in ruins. 


The Mozumdar temple bears a striking resemblance to the Taj Mahal, with one notable difference; this temple in the middle of the California forest.

The peculiar structure is thanks to one man, A.K Mozumdar, a spiritual teacher who had a dream to build a temple where people of all religious faiths could come together and worship.

He began construction of the temple and an adjoining camp, but was not able to complete the temple before he died. After his death the property was sold to the YMCA and then to the Unification church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The location of the temple is very secluded and dark, and teenagers often dare each other to go to the site alone. The temple is not open to the public, but the local historical society was able to tour it in 2012, and adventurous trespassers are often found exploring the ruins.

Mozumdar Road leads to a dead end near the temple, to the right of which there is a chained gate that is the road which leads to the temple proper. it is private property, and the owners can to be pretty serious about protecting it. Curious onlookers wanting to stay within the law can usually see the golden dome and top of the temple from the road if you backtrack up a bit from the gate. 

In 2018, the owners offered historical tours of the camp on the first Sunday of the month during the spring and summer months. It is unknown whether they will continue to do so in 2019. The Crestline Chamber of Commerce may have current information.

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