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Remnants of the Neisse Bridge

Forst, Germany

This elaborate stone bridge over the Neisse river has sat in pieces since 1945. 


Before World War II, the German city of Forst extended across the Neisse River to the suburbs of Berge and Scheuno, now respectively the villages of Zasieki and Brożek in Poland. An elaborate stone bridge called the Lange Brücke (Long Bridge) formerly connected Forst with its eastern settlements on the opposite bank of the Neisse, until it was blown to bits during World War II and never reconstructed.

Today, the absence of the bridge is acutely felt: although Poland lies directly across the river from the heart of Forst, clearly visible from much of the city, there is no walkable bridge connecting the center of Forst with the eastern side of the Neisse. Instead, drivers have to make a long detour to the north or south of the city to cross the river.

Remnants of the once-grand Neisse Bridge can be found on both the German and Polish sides of the river. The German side is in the city center of Forst, while the Polish side is more isolated, making it a popular spot for fishing, drinking, and canoodling. The Polish side also contains the crumbling remains of a historical fountain celebrating the city’s once-flourishing textile industry.

Know Before You Go

The remains of the Neisse bridge are within easy walking distance from the city centre of Forst on the German side (Gutenbergpl. 8, 03149 Forst/Lausitz). The Polish side (51°44'36.1"N,14°39'33.4"E) can be accessed via a 15 minute walk from Zasieki train station or by car or bike from Forst.

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