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Winning a Nobel Prize is difficult, but it comes with fame, fortune, and a fabulous banquet in Stockholm. Since 1901, geniuses and humanitarians have dined together at the Nobel banquet. Held in Stockholm’s City Hall, the event promises glamor and fabulous cuisine. Nobel ice cream provides both.

Until recently, dessert at the Nobel banquet was always ice cream. The sweet dish typically consisted of layers of ice cream and fruit sorbet, with flavor combinations such as vanilla-raspberry and passion fruit–pineapple, formed into a bombe shape. Decorated with spun sugar and an edible for Nobel, these bombes were presented with a bang. Traditionally, dessert at the Nobel banquets is served via a parade of servers with sparklers attached to their trays. 

Though traditional, Nobel ice cream wasn’t permanent. After the year 2000, Nobel banquet chefs were allowed to make desserts other than ice cream. But while it’s no longer served at Nobel banquets, now anybody can try the famed ice cream. At the Nobel Museum, the attached bistro serves miniature vanilla-berry ice cream bombes. They’re decorated with spun sugar, cloudberries, and even your own golden Nobel medal. Perhaps one advantage over the traditional awards: These medals are made of chocolate.

Know Before You Go

The Bistro Nobel is attached to the museum. Look under your chair for the signatures of past prizewinners.  The ice cream can only be ordered during the day.  It is not included in the evening menu. Check the website.

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