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Ochsenkopf TV Tower

Warmensteinacher Forst-Nord, Germany

Most often copied TV Tower in the world. 


Ochsenkoph TV Tower is not accessible to tourists and, perhaps because of that, it is relatively unknown that the tower, situated on a mountain in Northern Bavaria, was used as the model for many other TV towers around the world.

Just some of the towers that took their design from Ochsenkopf include Donnersberg TV tower in Germany, Mugel TV tower in Austria, Cukrák TV tower in the Czech Republic, and Święty Krzyż TV tower in Poland.

Built in 1958 as a replacement for a 50-meter tall steel tube TV mast, Ochsenkopf stands at 163 meters and is built of reinforced concrete. The tower it replaced collapsed the same year of its construction because of icing on the mountain, which is the second highest in Northern Bavaria’s Fichtelgebirge mountain chain.

Before German reunification, Ochsenkopf was the only source of TV programs from West Germany for many people in the former German Democratic Republic.

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