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All across the city of Pune, around every corner, one can find something interesting which takes one back in time, to a bygone era that might be years to decades to centuries old. Along an inner road, a short distance away from St. Paul’s Church near Pune Railway Station, in the center of the city, there is an empty patch of land along the side. In the corner of the plot are a number of interesting ancient stone structures. As one observes keenly, they are revealed to be old tombs. 

According to sources, these are European tombs from the 19th century. Historians, archaeologists, and other experts have studied them and have arrived at a number of possibilities regarding their origin and details. Some say these belonged to German soldiers from around 1850, while others are of the opinion that they date back to around 1817 and are of French soldiers who were said to be a part of the Peshwa Army. 

One of the tombs is dome-shaped, supported with stone pillars. According to experts, it belonged to the wife of a French soldier. Along with soldiers, some of the tombs are also said to be those of local Europeans of that era. However, due to the weathering of the plaques, it is difficult to ascertain the exact details with any degree of certainty. 

One of the tombs has a tree growing vertically out of the stone slab. Another one has mysterious circular symbols carved over its sides. Then there is one which is completely covered with creepers while another has a gnarled tree trunk resting at an angle over its top. Since this place is along an inner road, not many people know of its existence, despite it being located in the center of the city. 

It is a fascinating spot to explore on a weekend and thus discover this lesser-known side of the city’s history, particularly for people who have a penchant for mysteries.

Know Before You Go

These tombs are located in an open patch of land along an inner road, approximately 200 metres west of St. Paul's Church, near Pune Railway Station.

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August 4, 2023

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