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Old Watertrough of Stone

Saeul, Luxembourg

Resting peacefully between two majestically-slanted trees, this roadside water trough circulates water peacefully. 


Resting peacefully between two majestically-slanted trees, the Old Watertrough of Stone circulates water peacefully at the roadside. Based on the carving style, cistern shape, and the worn smoothness of the stone, the water trough appears to be a Belgian bluestone horse trough made between the 17th and 19th centuries. The stone has held up remarkably, but it has also softened from use over time.

The trough is roughly 300 centimeters long and 50 centimeters wide, with 26 centimeters exposed above the ground. The water cistern depth measured 32 centimeters to the bottom, which included a large amount of sediment. There were nine centimeters of fresh water above the sediment, meaning the trough extends at least six centimeters below the ground level, due to the difference in depth of the cistern and the exposed trough. Each end of the trough gives ample flat space for setting and filling jugs or just taking a rest.

When looking at the Old Watertrough of Stone with your back to the road, you can see the water entering the trough on the left, circulating through the cistern, then draining out on the right side. It creates a beautiful sound that washes away stress. The views while stilling on the trough were lovely. In summer, grass grows up around the trough, making it harder to find.

Know Before You Go

No dedicated parking is available near this site, so use caution when pulling over to park and walking along the country road where the Watertrough is situated. No indication is given as to whether the water is potable, so drinking the water is not recommended.

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March 7, 2023

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