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Olympia Artesian Well Commons

Local stories say that if you drink from this well, you will return to Olympia.  


This tiny, hidden public park is only a few feet wide and across and is covered in beautiful flowing mosaic work. The well itself flows constantly 24/7 and has its own designated parking spots for those who bring containers to fill from the free well.

Artesian Commons Park was built in 2014. Before that, the space was home to a simple pipe that provided fresh artesian well water. The tiny park has a very Olympia personality and story, going back from its initial discovery and installation during the railway days and involving crime, a “permanent” closure, occupation by the people, and dramatic re-opening.

Local legends about the well range from “if you drink from any of the wells in Olympia, you’ll come back to the city” to “if you drink from the artesian commons, you will die in Olympia/your resting place will be Olympia.” Worth finding for the mosaic work alone, plus hey-free, delicious water!

Know Before You Go

Hidden away between 4th and 5th at Jefferson. Easy to miss! Squirreled behind Petworks. The well is open to the people and is for the people. Please respect those who call the park their home.

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