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Paul Bunyan Statue, Bangor

This handsome giant is said to mark the birthplace of the mythical woodsman and even had a cameo in a Stephen King novel. 


Towering over Main Street since 1959, a 31-foot-high Paul Bunyan stands in Bass Park in Bangor, Maine, claiming the city as his supposed birthplace, while establishing a bit of celebrity all its own. 

This uniquely handsome Paul Bunyan statue was given to the city of Bangor from a New York group of builders in 1959 on their 125th anniversary. The giant statue is built from a metal frame covered in colorful fiberglass, and is built to withstand hurricane force winds. The statue claims to be the largest Paul Bunyan statue in the world. As in many cases of “world’s largest” things, it may be true, but verifying such a fact is a bit tough.

Regardless, it may also be the most handsome Bunyan in existence. In America, giant Paul Bunyan statues can be found all across the roadways, but many are fairly crudely sculpted roadside muffler men. However the Bangor Bunyan is a notably detailed and jolly sculpt.

Paul Bunyan’s legend is a staple of American culture as a whole, but the Bangor Bunyan joined the larger cultural landscape when it came to life in Stephen King’s novel It. The beloved statue has also taken part in a number of local promotional events that see the figure don other clothes such as a Shriner’s fez. In 2015 the original designer of the statue suggested that they add a giant ox to the site.  

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