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Potato Chip Rock

Ramona, California

This Pringle-shaped ledge makes for the perfect photo op. 


Those who approach the summit of southern California’s Mount Woodson will be rewarded with an unexpected geological surprise. The bizarre rock formation of Potato Chip Rock near the city of Ramona, California appears to be the result of a colossal giant dropping his can of Pringles, and it makes for the perfect photo op.

Potato Chip Rock is a thin ledge jutting off of a cliff on the Mount Woodson Trail in Ramona, which stretches eight miles through the dry landscape. Those who are brave enough to walk across the ledge will appear to levitate above the ground below, as if on a magic carpet made of stone.

Naturally, hundreds of creative photos have been taken atop the rock. One group of friends has replicated the scene of Simba’s birth in The Lion King, while others have attempted extreme yoga positions. Daredevils have hung off the rock’s edge by their bare hands, jokesters have ironically eaten a bag of Lays on the rock, and the ledge has even been the site of a marriage proposal. 

Although a recent April Fools Day article claimed that Potato Chip Rock had broken, in reality the ledge is still standing today, a picture-perfect Pringle.

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