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Puente de Dios

A spring water stream jumps through a walkable "bridge" cavern and a narrow canyon. 


This beautiful fresh spring water stream makes for a soft adventure and idyllic experience for families and couples who may be traveling across the Sierra Gorda region of Mexico. The Escanela River crosses Puente de Dios, an extraordinary formation with thick stalactites from which spouts of water come crashing down.

The name Puente de Dios (God’s bridge) refers to the fact that the stream runs through a walkable large cave that forms a bridge that was a natural pass for locals sorting out the sierra’s range.

The stream also runs through a beautiful narrow canyon forming pristine pools that call for a dive. In the Cañón de la Angostura, beautiful rock formations make for a stunning sight. 

All the tour is made on leveled paths but some sections require jumping rocks through the stream and climbing rustic ladders so it’s not ideal for the elder or very small children. The site is located about a 20-minute drive on a dirt road off the Pinal - Jalpan road.

Know Before You Go

Avoid the rainy season as the streams grow unpassable and the site is closed.

The entrance costs about $6 USD per person (as of 2021) and the tour is a two-hour, six-kilometer walk and is strictly guided. During the pandemic swimming on the stream has been forbidden.

You can access by car using the dirt road with a sedan.

There is a small rustic (not chic) hotel and you can camp on a few spots around the entrace, although the site is beautiful the camping spots are not optimal.

You can purchase a traditional meal (tacos y gorditas) and cheap water shoes and bathing suits  at a few stalls in the entrace.

There is no phone signal.

Avoid weekends as the site gets crowded.

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