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Windsor, England

Queen Charlotte Street

At just 51 feet and 10 inches long, it's the shortest street in Britain. 

The next time you find yourself near Windsor Castle in need of a short walk, check out Queen Charlotte Street in Windsor, England. At just under 52 feet long, the tiny passageway is officially the shortest street in Britain.

The quirky cobblestone pathway is centuries old and measures a mere 51 feet and 10 inches. There’s a round, blue plaque that marks its location on the corner of High Street and declares its title as the shortest street in the country.

It’s about 50 yards from Windsor Castle and starts on High Street next to the Crooked House of Windsor, a slanted 17th-century building that in itself is worth passing by. The short stone road stops at Carpenter’s Arms, a pub, which is perfect for travelers in need of a place to rest and quest their thirst after completing the journey from one end of the street to the other.