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'Rhyolite's District of Shadows'

A land of debatable treasure. 


This plaque is located in the Goldwell Open Air Museum which is at the entrance to the linear Rhyolite site and is part of a global work called Kcymaerxthaere.

Kcymaerxthaere is an art project created by Eames Demetrios. A series of plaques and other markers around the world honor events that have taken place in a parallel universe that, according to Demetrios, “co-exists to some degree with ours.” Most of these installations are bronze or stone plaques inscribed with stories but some are larger, even entire buildings. As of 2021, there are more than 140 sites spread across six continents and 30 countries.

“Linear” is one of the terms that Demetrios uses to refer to our world–to distinguish it from the parallel world of the story being told on this and other markers.  The story here is centered around rhyoleir the lighter-than-air mineral mined in the area–even being used to float the corridors and art above the ground in the museum of Porfire Golden.

There were those who believed the treasure of this gwome was its land, light, and the extraordinary nature - not the economic value - of rhyoleir itself, mined nowhere else. Where the marker is placed was Geldwll, or “District of Shadows” in the Cognate tongue, after the miners of many faiths who prayed and created here out of sight of the greedy. As Rhyolite grew, this became the spiritual and cultural heart of the community, with several legendary museums.

One of the images above shows the general landscape of the area (the image is taken from one of the Kcymaerxthaere Museum of the Bench trading cards).

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turnoff north from Highway 374, about 3 miles west of Beatty, NV or east of the California state line

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