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Rhythms of Life

Yucca Mesa, California

An artist's vision for connectivity spans seven continents and 16 countries.  


Rhythms of Life is a breathtaking Earthworks sculpture installed in 2008 by the world-renowned Australian sculpturist, Andrew Rogers.

The structure can be seen near the intersection of Old Woman Springs Road (SR 247) and Aberdeen just five miles north of Yucca Valley in California. 

Rogers, who is a distinguished artist, exhibits his work internationally with his larger Earthworks sculptures found in numerous private and public collections across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States, and Australia.

Rhythms of Life—perhaps the work for which Rogers is best known—is part of a larger project that forms a chain of 51 massive stone sculptures around the world. The sculptures are meant to be seen from two vantage points: from the ground—as a series of stone structures—and from above to show off the structure’s larger form.

To-date, the project currently spans seven continents, 16 countries, and has involved over 7,500 people who assist in the construction of the structures. Rhythms of Life is a collaborative endeavor that relies on the local community to both construct the sculpture as well as ideate the symbols to be included in the Earthwork. 

Know Before You Go

Follow SR 247 / Old Woman Springs north five miles until you come to Aberdeen. Turn right on Aberdeen and immediately find a spot to turn around, park, and look west towards the hills to see Earthworks. Or turn left onto the dirt Old Aberdeen Road, park, and look up. You're welcome to get up close to the sculpture, but leave your vehicle in the dirt lot and walk up.

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