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Ring Mountain Petroglyphs

Corte Madera, California

Across Ring Mountain is a vast collection of Native American petroglyphs unique to the region.  


The Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve is named after New Hampshire dairyman and wealthy local landowner George E. Ring. It’s a great place to see examples of pecked curvilinear nucleated petroglyphs, a style of petroglyph unique to western North America. These particular glyphs are believed to have been created by the Miwok people, but it’s still a bit of a mystery for researchers. The creations are thought to be around 2, 400 years old. The meaning of the circular symbols is also unknown. 

Around 30 of the mountain’s boulders contain some form of petroglyphs, but the easiest to find are those along Petroglyph Rock. Many consists of various ovals and circles.

The preserve is also a good place to witness stunning views of the Bay Area, as well as the location of world-famous geological features. Across the trail, hikers will spot numerous wildflowers and other rare examples of plant life. Lucky hikers may spot the endangered Tiburon mariposa lily, found nowhere else in the world.

Know Before You Go

The Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve is open during daylight hours. Dogs must be leashed, and visitors should stick to the trails, as the area contains sensitive and endangered wildlife.

Petroglyph Rock is located near the intersection of Ring Mountain Fire Road and Reed Ranch Fire Road; follow the signs for Petroglyph Rock.