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Rock It Suda

A Korean rock bassist's wild dream has become a reality at this completely insane boutique hotel. 


Kim Jae Il had a dream. A dream that one day, on the color dotted hills of Jeongseon, music and architecture would melt together in brotherhood. It was a dream which Korean architect Moon Hoon turned into a reality at Rock It Suda.

Before Rock it Suda became an architectural icon, it was simply the name of an amateur rock band from Seoul. A band whose bass player asked Hoon to come up with a design for some weekend homes. Homes in which urban dwellers could liberate themselves from the fuzz of the city. Homes in which weekends would turn into rivers, flowing through time and design with a stunning landscape and the band’s music as the natural soundtrack.

Moon took to work creating a surreal cluster of pensions (the Korean term for weekend house) and the Rock It Suda estates were born. Each of the six dreamlike units is based on a simple inspiration, respectively “Spain,”,”Barbie,” “Stealth,” “Ferrari,” “Cave,” and “Tradition. The interior of each space is designed like something out of an ultra-modern dream with every angle a bit off and strange, angular protrusions on every surface. However, despite the mad setting, the location offers all the modern conveniences like jacuzzis and of course, a stage for live music.

After Rock It Suda was completed, the band that shared the space’s name would come up to the space and spend each weekend jamming for the guests. however, as time went on, the band’s appearances dwindled and now the space is simply a shock of colorful futurism in the midst of the Korean mountains.

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