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Haesindang Park

Samcheog, South Korea

Various forms of phallic art decorate this hill in commemoration of legendary local tragedy. 


Forty minutes south of Samcheok City is Haeshindang Park, where dozens of sculpted phalluses stand erect in defiance of an old folk curse. The collection ranges from hanging arrangements to three-meter-tall trunks of wood, sculpted by Korean artists to showcase anything from joy, spirituality, to sexuality. The small Folk Museum attached showcases phallic-related art throughout the ages, as well as the history of the small fishing community.

Haeshindang Park is tragic in origin. A young couple, madly in love and soon to be wed, was split by tragedy when the high tide overtook the woman in view of her fiancé on the shore. The next day, the number of fish caught dwindled. The following day, they dried up. The townspeople were said to be cursed and wondered what to do, that is, until a local fisherman relieved himself in the sea.

The fish returned and men of the town took note. Thus, statues were constructed and placed in view of the shore. 

Know Before You Go

From Samcheok: Take bus 24 to Sinnam (pronounced :Shinnom ). Tell the Driver HAE-SHIN-DONG and it should cost 1500 won. Takes 40 minutes, but be mindful of the large banners to know when to get off.

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