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Wang Dong's Rock Quarries

Rocks that take on the likenesses of several recognizable living entities crowd the Wang dong Rock Quarries. 


Along the road in South Korea’s amusingly named Wang Dong are curious stones with shapes that resemble different animal and human shapes. Much like the cloud shape naming game, many likenesses can be pointed out, whether it be giraffe or human or tree. The stones are as big as 4 meters (approximately 13 feet) tall, and are plentiful along the dirt road.

In town, locals and visitors can purchase items such as tables and chair sets made from these local mountain rocks, which are also used for decorating nearby parks. Access to the rock quarry is open to the public.

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Know Before You Go

Take the 3199 north from Kanchanaburi to Erawan waterfalls. Drive about 30km. A few kilometers after Wang Dong, you should see the first shops.

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