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Romagne-Sous-Montfaucon, France

Romagne 14-18

A unique museum tells the story of the day-to-day life of World War I soldiers. 

Thousand of men left their homes behind to fight in the Great War. But the daily life of the soldiers was about more than fighting. Much time was passed behind the front line as well, in encampments and occupied villages. The unique museum displays the more mundane side of a soldier’s life, curated to give you a feel of day-to-day life of the soldiers of World War I.

The collections features items from soldiers’ personal lives, such as combs, coins, bottles, artificial legs, name tags, and watches, each with a personal story behind them. The owner of the museum, Jan Paul de Vries, welcomes you in, telling his story about how he started collecting and how his private collection was eventually turned into a museum. Each object in the collection has its own story and De Vries will passionately tell it. 

Know Before You Go

By car, follow the signs Meuse Argonne American cemetery and you pas by the museum.