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Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell McDonald's

This fast food outlet is the only space and UFO-themed McDonalds in the world. 

In the world famous town of Roswell, New Mexico, known for the rumors of its titular extraterrestrial incident, the local McDonald’s gets in on the act as well UFO-shaped location that throws the homogenous look of the fast food giant out the window.

Not far from the supposed crash location, the fast food restaurant’s UFO-shaped exterior burns neon in the evenings and shines life space metal in the day. The interior of the “ship” holds the massive play place which is similarly space-themed, complete with the mascots in space suits. While there are a handful of McDonald’s around the world that go out of their way to fit in to their community despite the overwhelming influence of corporate conformity, few take it quite to this extent. However, in a city where everything (even street lamps and mail boxes) are inspired by tales of the Roswell Incident, the McDonald’s, as is their want, fits right in.