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Royal Waiting Hall

Although rarely used, there is still a hidden room for the royal family at the Stockholm central station. 


The Swedish royal family has never had to pass through the masses of people waiting at the Stockholm central station. Instead, they have a private entrance to a dedicated regal waiting room with an exit right on to the platform of track 10. 

Although rarely used these days, the hidden waiting room is still there, reserved for royal use only. It was moved to its current location in the south end of the main hall around the turn of the 20th century. 

The room is decorated the way you might expect of a space designed for royalty. Silk-covered furniture, chandeliers, and fine details in blue and gold makes it a waiting hall out of the ordinary. The pendulum clock on the wall was often said to show the incorrect time, and so a clerk was assigned the task of correcting it before every visit by a member of the royal family.

The royal waiting hall has been opened for the public on a few occasions but other than that it’s reserved for the elite family regardless of how rarely it’s being used. Only time will tell if it will stay that way or if it will be turned into a modern-day cafe like many other royal waiting halls in Sweden.

Know Before You Go

The royal waiting hall is not accessible to the public normally. It has been opened for visitors during events like Open House Stockholm 2017.

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