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Rubber Chicken Museum

The flock of plastic poultry is an ode to the classic comedy staple. 


Plastic poultry reigns supreme in this quirky little museum. Dozens of the bright yellow birds fill the space, peering out from their display cases with their beaks agape as if frozen in perpetual laughter.

The museum is housed within the Seattle novelty store Archie McPhee, behind the strange horse head masks that have taken the meme world by storm. It’s exactly the type of collection you’d expect to find in a store packed with bizarre toys and trinkets.

Enter the museum, and it’s like you’ve stepped into a strange henhouse filled with the flaccid fowl. You can take your picture next to the world’s largest rubber chicken and get a close look at the world’s smallest. You can even view the mangled corpse of a rubber chicken found flattened within the warehouse.

The museum’s meant to do more than elicit a few laughs. It’s an educational ode to an iconic comedy staple, filled with nuggets of wisdom about the prop. Artwork, memorabilia, and even a scholarly essay celebrate the plastic crowd-pleasers that have been amusing people for centuries.

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