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Site of the Great Brinks Robbery

This parking garage was the site of what was - at the time - the largest cash robbery in history. 


At this site, now a parking garage, once stood Boston’s Brinks offices: the holy grail of many aspiring bank robbers.

In 1950 the biggest robbery at that time in US history took place here: the Great Brinks Robbery. Over 1.2 million in cash and over 1.5 million in checks were heisted.

Eleven perpetrators planned and trained for two years for the big day - they’d even had six false starts that were called off for various reasons. To hide their identities the robbers wore Halloween masks and silenced their footsteps with rubbers.

After six years of searching all of the culprits were eventually found, but only about $50,000 of the stolen money was ever recovered. There’s a plaque on the front of the garage describing the robbery.

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August 23, 2011

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