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Riverside, California

The Southern California Medical Museum

A small medical museum with a recreated doctor's office. 

A small collection of medical artifacts, medical photography and a medical library dating back to 1843.

The jewel of the collection is a recreated doctor’s office from the 1920s, complete with vintage medicines, roll-top desk, microscope and medical bag.

A lecture held in the museum entitled, “Quackery, or Not?” displayed a curious cure-all from the same era, a metal cylinder known as the Oxygenator. Though it cured nothing, it was true to its name: it had nothing inside it but air.

Know Before You Go

The Southern California Medical Museum is located at the San Bernardino County Medical Society offices at 3993 Jurupa Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506. The museum is open by appointment during business hours Monday through Friday (except holidays and scheduled events). Telephone: (951) 787-7700 or (909) 825-6526.

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