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Koloa, Hawaii

Spouting Horn

This Hawaiian blowhole is supposedly caused by a trapped monster. 

Now considered a phenomenon of natural beauty and awe, the huge plume of water produced at the Spouting Horn blowhole was once the inspiration for an outlandish local legend.

The natural blowhole, which is in actuality a lave tube that connects to the sea, and through which water is pushed when the tide swells, was once believed to contain a giant lizard. The legend states that a legendary lizard was terrorizing the coast until a local boy tricked it into chasing him into a lava tube, where the beast became permanently lodged. The irregular geyser that shoots from the hole to almost 50 feet in the air was thought to be the infernal breaths of the trapped lizard. Even though the geyser has been explained by more conventional means, the site is still one of the most photographed places in Hawaii.

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