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St. Marys Submarine Museum

Interactive modern and vintage submarine equipment, World War II relics, and submarine attire. 


The St. Marys Submarine Museum gives visitors a real feel for life aboard a submarine. The functioning periscope lets visitors play lookout and imagine themselves as a captain of a real submarine, and who doesn’t want to do that? 

The museum’s 5,000 square feet of exhibition and displays feature real and working shipboard equipment. A ship’s contol panel, ballast control panel, periscope, and working sonar panels give exciting visuals of the interior of a submarine. There is also an area for informative submarine movies, a gift shop, and a display dedicated to the eight submariners who received the Medal of Honor.

The 20,000 insightful artifacts displayed throughout the place include torpedo models, deep-sea diving suits, submarine uniforms, and scaled replicas of submarines. A dive suit from World War II and submarine uniform exhibits give an idea of necessary submarine attire. Although it is only the fifth largest submarine museum, it holds 99% of WWII Patrol Reports. The command history files live at St. Marys Submarine Museum, along with other documents, photographs and the spirit of submarine history.

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