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Los Angeles, California

Stone Gates of Hollywood

These two monoliths have stood at the entrance to the neighborhood since the days it was called "Hollywoodland." 

Standing guard at the entrance of the 500-acre upscale “Hollywoodland” real estate development, these two stone gates, built in 1923, serve as a reminder of its more humble beginnings. 

The French Norman-styled towers were designed by architect John DeLario, who also designed several homes in the neighborhood. The stonework was done by Italian immigrant masons. The original intention was to have armed guards stand watch at the gates, which would close off Hollywoodland to the greater Los Angeles area. Luckily, that plan never came to fruition.

The western half of the gate has its own belfry (closed off to visitors), a non-functioning chimney, a heavy (locked) oak door, a working gilded clock face, and a bronze plaque affixed in 1923 welcoming visitors to “Hollywoodland.” Other notable details include the wrought iron-barred windows and stone planters detailed with goat heads. Nestled inside the eastern half of the gate is a tiny community library.

Know Before You Go

Parking is limited; traffic can be heavy during weekends.

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