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Super PACyderm is permanently closed.

Super PACyderm

An allegorical sculpture in Maryland wears the artist’s politics on its trunk. 


A large, upside-down elephant with red skin and yellow hair sits in front of artist Howard Connelly’s home in Silver Spring, Maryland. The sculpture, titled “Super PACyderm,” is a not-so-subtle statement about the artist’s opinion of the Republican Party.

Using an old fiberglass elephant that used to be displayed on a local street corner, Connelly flipped the pacyderm on its back to symbolize what he feels Donald Trump has done to the U.S. presidency: turned it upside down. It rests on an inflexible base (see what he did there) of concrete slabs marked with dots that symbolize the ballot.

A gas line in the elephant’s leg is “like an IV trying to keep the GOP alive,” the artist told the Washington Post. And a giant shield attempts to block the U.S. from further damage.

Connelly sees art as a way to evoke empathy. He’s responsible for plenty of less political pieces installed throughout Maryland, but “Super PACyderm” is likely his most popular.

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