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The Bierpinsel

A tree-like building perches on its trunk in the Steglitz neighborhood of Berlin. 


Built in 1976 by architect couple Ursula and Ralph Schuler in the Steglitz neighborhood of South Berlin, the Bierpinsel (aka The Beer Brush) is an iconic example of the german Brutalism craze.

Originally designed to resemble a tree, the science fiction-like structure rises vertiginously to 47m from the ground, offering a panoramic view of the city. 

The story of its accommodation is long, and filled with bankruptcy and financial dramas. Ordinarily equipped with a restaurant and a night club, the building closed many times and became a monument to Berlin’s sweet and sour urban decay until some recent somewhat onerous restorations.

Reopened in 2010 under the name “Turmkunst,” the tower was decorated by famous street artists like Honest and Sozyone Gonzales, giving it a fresh pop-art makeover.

Sadly, the restaurant/nichtclub and the remainder of the building is closed without current plans for reopening.





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December 30, 2012

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