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Seale, Alabama

The Drive-Thru Museum

A wealth of local folk art, unusual collections, antiques and curios, without ever leaving your car. 

In the tiny town of Seale, Alabama, there is a roadside attraction that doesn’t require getting out of your car. It’s not for burgers and fries, there is no ATM machine, and you can’t drop off your dry cleaning. It is a drive-thru, but not the usual kind. It’s billed as the world’s first drive-thru art and antique gallery.

Created by artist and collector Butch Anthony in 2014, it’s an off-shoot of his Museum of Wonder, and was built with the intention of helping to control the crowds who show up at the museum. As an unincorporated town of just a few hundred people, having even one such destination would be a gem, but having two near each other is a wealth of local folk art, unusual collections, antiques, and curios.  

The Drive-Thru is right on Highway 169, at the intersection of US 431. It’s made from stacked shipping containers, with windows cut into the sides to reveal a myriad of items collected or created by Anthony. There’s the two-headed ducklings, a large gallstone attached to poems (art he calls “intertwangleism”), drawings of skeletons and bones superimposed on old photographic portraits, and found-object art mixed with taxidermy animals. It’s a short drive to get through the whole collection, but each piece will make you hit the brakes. So take as much time as you need.

Know Before You Go

Seale is in eastern Alabama, about 15 miles southwest of Columbus, Georgia. The Drive-Thru is located at the intersection of US 431 and State Road 169. It's open every day, 24 hours a day. The Museum of Wonder is located at 41 Poorhouse Road, about 1 mile away.

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