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The Outhouse

Fernandina Beach, Florida

This former bathroom has been transformed into the smallest bar in Florida. 

Sorry, The Outhouse is permanently closed.

Behind an art gallery in Fernandina Beach, Florida, lies a small structure that resembles an outhouse. In fact, it once was a bathroom. But now the building has a new purpose: serving two customers at a time as the smallest bar in Florida.

The Outhouse is what is considered a “happy accident,” as the owners tell it. This former nonworking bathroom was slated for destruction until they pleaded with the landlord to keep it. From there, this old, dingy space was given a new lease on life as the owners gutted the contents (including the old toilet, which is now a floral planter right outside the front door) and turned it into a bar. It recently ousted a hole-in-the-wall in Key West as the smallest bar in the state.

In addition to two patrons, the Outhouse can fit one bartender on the other side of the custom-built fold-down bartop. Inside, the owner has adorned the ceiling with more than 2,000 wine corks, all donated by local patrons. On the walls, there are more than 200 framed photos of celebrities imbibing in bars all over the world. Local patrons are encouraged to sign the walls of the Outhouse and play a game of magnetic darts or magnetic poetry on the metal door. The bar also has a sound system, two coolers, and built-in TV.

Know Before You Go

As of October 2019, the Outhouse is no longer in business. 

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