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Norwich Plantation Garden

A magnificent Victorian garden that brings the charm and style of old-time aristocracy to the 21st century public. 


One would hardly guess that this elegant plantation garden was once an abandoned chalk quarry.

 Henry Trevor, a 19th century upholsterer and cabinet maker, had a vision of beauty and tranquility when he gazed upon his lifeless, idle quarry. He spent the next forty years fixing it, by overhauling the industrial site and creating an elaborate small-scale version of an aristocratic Victorian country estate. He meticulously planted a lush paradise filled with exotic plants, orchards, statues, and a unique gothic fountain. Rejecting the exclusivity associated with nobility, Trevor frequently welcomed visitors and hosted charity events in his magnificent horticultural marvel.

The Plantation Garden Preservation Trust has revived the legacy of Trevor and his garden by restoring the deserted garden and opening it to the general public. The area was revitalized and is currently maintained almost completely by volunteers who garden, fundraise, and teach the history of Trevor’s achievement. The garden frequently hosts enchanting events such as Tea Time, jazz concerts, annual Outdoor Cinema events, and fireworks displays. 

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