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The Sinatra House

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Along a busy beachfront strip you may hear Frank Sinatra singing from one boardwalk home. 


The Frank Sinatra fan tour of New Jersey has seen better days. The singer’s childhood home in Hoboken burned down in the ‘60s (though you can still see a blue Hollywood-style star in the sidewalk out in front), and the former Sinatra museum From Here to Eternity closed after just a brief run. There is, however, one particularly heartfelt tribute to the famed Jersey local that happily refuses to die out.

Outside a beachfront home along the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk, a little past the bustle of arcade games, bars, restaurants, and sunbathers, you may hear the distinctive crooning of Frank Sinatra floating across the boardwalk out to sea.

Known simply as the “Sinatra House,” the home is the residence of the late Paul R. Smith, a former Sony Music Distribution chairman and an enormous fan of Frank Sinatra’s music and voice. Smith decided to share his love with other people by playing his idol’s songs through outdoor speakers on his property, a tradition that his children do their best to keep alive ever since Smith passed away in 2002.

Passersby can usually hear their favorite Sinatra songs on the weekends year-round, but may occasionally get to listen on weekdays as well during the busier summer months.

Know Before You Go

The best place to hear the music is on the boardwalk. You can access it from nearly any point along Ocean Ave but some entrance points are marked as private. The closest access point to the boardwalk in front of the Sinatra House is on Water Street, which is also has a ramp.

There are benches where you may sit and listen, as well as many more traditional seaside attractions along the rest of the boardwalk.

If you choose to visit during the summer, traffic and parking can be difficult as this is a popular beachfront destination.

If you choose to visit during the off-season, traffic and parking will be easier, but amenities and businesses may be closed.

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