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The Three Gossips

A statue beloved by—and named by—the local townsfolk it represents. 


When the Die drei Schwätzer, or “The Three Gossips” statue was erected in the public square of Giessen, Germany, it was immediately loved by the townsfolk, who perhaps saw a bit of themselves in these three new residents of town.

The lifesize bronze sculpture was created by Karl-Henning Seeman given to the city of Giessen by the local Volksbank for its 125th anniversary, upon which an uncommonly large number of citizens came out to greet the town’s newest additions. The people of Giessen, not exactly known for embracing novelty, loved the new statue nonetheless. The sculpture had no name, but residents took to calling it The Three Gossips, and the name stuck. 

Again and again the statue becomes subject to decoration. The Three Gossips can be found with cigarettes in their mouth, umbrellas or newspapers under their arms, wearing hats and glasses or carrying bags. The artist and the Volksbank achieved their goal: A statue that resembles the everyday routine in a place where people meet each other and stop to have a chat.

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