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The Uncle Sam House

Mason, New Hampshire

The childhood home of the meat inspector who would become the face of America. 


The boyhood home of Samuel “Uncle Sam” Wilson, the real life inspiration for the classic American icon is located in Mason, New Hampshire, and still marked to honor the meat packer that became the face of America.

Samuel Wilson, was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, and grew-up in Mason, New Hampshire before moving to Troy, New York where he would make his name. It was in Troy, New York where Samuel Wilson worked as a meat packer. During the War of 1812, Wilson’s company supplied rations to the army troops, and he himself became the meat inspector for the army. It was on these ration packages that were stamped U.S. where the legend of Uncle Sam was reportedly born when the soldiers began joking that the “US” stood for “Uncle Sam” Wilson.

Although the origins of this Uncle Sam story are disputed, Wilson was indeed an actual person and his childhood home in Mason is still there.

The home itself is now a private residence and is largely unremarkable in and of itself, but the significance of the property is marked by a government landmark sign that explains the story of Uncle Sam. Maybe it’s just home, but it’s also a important stop on the trail of the face of America.   

Know Before You Go

About one half mile south of the Town of Mason on Route 123/Valley Rd.

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