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Utter Inn

A floating underwater hotel, created by a Swedish artist. 


The Utter Inn has what could be called at best very limited accommodations. It has only one available room houses only two single beds, but those lucky enough to occupy those two beds get a singular experience.

Created by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, the Utter Inn is a hotel room / art piece / and marine life observation station all at once. Divided in two parts, part one floats above the water looking like a small cabin, in the design of a Swedish red house and contains a toilet, and a small cooker. But crawl through a hatch on the floor of part one, and you enter the real selling point of the Utter Inn, a bedroom three meters under the water, (essentially a watertight box) with windows on all four sides looking out into the Swedish Lake Malaren.

Located miles from the shore, to get to this small man-made “island” guests are picked up by an inflatable boat at the port, driven out to the hotel and left on their own until the next day. Other than the row boat which is provided (for exploring nearby natural islands) there is no way back.

Guests spend their time, watching the sunset, passing boats and birds overhead and sipping wine… provided they were smart enough to remember to bring some along. In the morning they awake to the sight of fishes feeding just feet away from their bedroom windows.

Remember however, this isn’t the tropics so don’t expect rainbow fish, more like pike and perch doing what they do naturally completely oblivious to the strange visitors peering at them from within a very unusual hotel.

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July 19, 2016

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