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Mountain where Jesus was first tempted by the Devil. 


A mountain overlooking Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Tibidabo stands more than 500 meters tall. The highest peak anywhere in the Serra de Collserola range, Tibidabo is home to an amusement park, a telecommunications tower, and Sagrat Cor, a Catholic church.

Sagrat Cor is perhaps the most fitting of Tibidabo’s attractions as this is the site where local legend says the devil tempted Jesus. The name Tibidabo derives from the Latin Vulgate Bible verses, Matthew 4:9 and Luke 4:6. The phrase, tibi dabo, means I will give to you. It was supposedly said to Jesus by the devil as they looked down from a mountain on the kingdoms of the world. The name of Barcelona’s hill, then, refers to how it is the tallest anywhere around.

Designed by Enric Sagnier, the church took about 60 years to build. At the top of the church, Sagrat Cor, is a sculpture of the Sacred Heart by Josep Miret Llopart.

Tibidabo can be reached by a funicular railway, by bus, and by car. The railway, built in 1901, was the first of its kind in Spain. The amusement park is also the oldest of its kind in the area. Constructed in 1899, the park offers more than thirty different rides, some of them dating back many decades. A few of the original attractions are also still operating, including the Museu d’Autòmates (Mechanical Museum).

Know Before You Go

Tibidabo can be reached by a funicular railway, by bus, and by car.

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