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Boden N, Sweden


Series of treehouse hotel rooms on the outskirts of an Arctic forest. 

Opened in July 2010, Treehotel was created to get visitors to reconnect with nature.

Offering eco-friendly quarters 15 feet off the ground, each room offers stunning views of the forest and rolling hills. Since a different architect created each of the five rooms, their styles differ wildly. There is a bird’s nest, an elevated cabin, a red shack called the Blue Cone, a flying saucer, and the Mirrorcube.

Mirrorcube has come to be the most well known room, covered on all six sides with mirrors that reflect the forest. As a symbol of the guiding environmental principles, visitors staying in Mirrorcube melt into the landscape while enjoying the ultra-modern and minimalist interior. Besides the five rooms, the Treehotel also features a sauna, and has plans to expand to a total of 24 rooms.

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