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Mountain View, Hawaii

Treehouse on top of Kilauea

A true treehouse near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 

The Kilauea Treehouse offers those clever enough to make a reservation in advance the chance to live out the childhood fantasy of sleeping in a treehouse. Not to mention this treehouse is high in the canopy of a tropical Hawaiian forest.

Built out of a recycled church, the treehouse is mid-canopy in the forest and the erupting Kilauea volcano is only two miles away. Luckily the trade winds carry the fumes and ash in the other direction so your stay won’t be tainted with volcanic spewing. Besides the novelty of sleeping in a tropical treehouse, the site offers a perfect chance to see the volcano up close. You can even go after dark and see the glow of the molten lava while the volcano caldera boils at night like an enormous cauldron.

Know Before You Go

Across Highway 11 from Volcano Village

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