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Twelve Vultures

Come for the giant taxidermy lion, stay for the knick knacks at this Minneapolis curiosity shop. 


Twelve Vultures is an eccentrically curated curiosity shop right in the middle of Minneapolis’ St. Anthony East neighborhood. At first, Twelve Vultures doesn’t stand out as particularly bizarre or unusual. In fact, it’s easy to drive or walk by, time and time again, the storefront perhaps blending in with the vintage shop next door. But once you peek through the window, you see a stunning display of taxidermy animals, specimen jars, and steampunk-esque gears and mechanisms.

Beyond the display, a row of chandeliers cascades into the distance much farther than you think the shop should go. Inside, you’ll likely meet Adam DeJarlais, the owner and curator of Twelve Vultures. Each piece inside looks more like a piece of Avant-Garde art than it does something to buy. With its gorgeously zany displays, you’d expect the shop to feel somewhat exclusive or pretentious, but it’s the exact opposite. DeJarlais radiates approachable Midwestern charm, and there is not a “No Photos!” sign in sight! 

Some of the interesting objects include a giant taxidermy lion, a John Wesley Hardin wax figure in a Victorian viewing coffin, a duck with the head of a baby, a 1970s preserved fetal cow, a set of iron doors, and a witchy display complete with vials, tiny old books, and a pinned-up Voodoo doll. And for only $6, you could take home a small crab floating in a jar of formaldehyde. What luck!

Know Before You Go

It's easy to find street parking in the area, although it's likely metered. Consider walking around the area and grabbing some lunch.

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May 3, 2021

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