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Panenský Týnec, Czechia

The Unfinished Gothic Church of Panenský Týnec

The 14th-century ruins are said to contain healing powers. 

The unfinished Gothic Church of the Virgin Mary in Panenský Týnec is reportedly one of the most magical places in Czechia. Construction on the building began in the early 14th century and most likely stopped after a fire ravaged its neighboring monastery in 1382.

The ruins supposedly rest atop a cross-shaped zone of positive energy. Psychics, healers, and other spiritually inclined travelers visited the area because of the mystical powers rumored to be stored within the old stones. The place’s magic is said to have the power to heal depression and head injuries and induce an overall feeling of happiness.

The spiritually skeptical also flock to the spot, as it’s the town’s most prominent local attraction. The ruins have even become a popular place for wedding ceremonies.

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