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Kiev, Ukraine

Peeing Colors in Kiev

When you've got to go, you've got to go. 

If you’re out for a stroll in Kiev, keep in mind that four boys might start peeing a colorful stream just inches above your head. Without any rationale or explanation, a statue of four young gentlemen was erected in a central Kiev park, complete with four streams of urine in blue, red, green and of course, yellow.

Although the statues of Peeing Colors have been exhibited in many galleries, the four boys that couldn’t hold it any more are now housed in a public park in Kiev for all to enjoy. For those who don’t mind a little excitement on their afternoon stroll, the statue is a lively, colorful and offbeat contrast to statues that one usually finds in city parks.

The statues have occasionally been defaced with phallic drawings, and the possibility of offensiveness depends on the day.

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