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Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum

This unassuming museum's slogan translates to “there is a limit of sadness, anxiety has no limits." 


This small and unassuming museum documents the catastrophic nuclear incident that occurred at Chernobyl on April 26, 1986, at 01:23, Moscow time. The museum’s slogan is “est dolendi modus, non est timendi,” Latin for “there is a limit of sadness, anxiety has no limits.”

Outside the museum stands a tank, an ambulance, a fire jeep, and a military jeep. The entrance is a staircase lined with street signs which name every village affected by the disaster.

Chernobyl had a population of 49,346 people living in 11,000 apartments, and as such evacuation was not immediate. The radiation on April 27, 1986, the day of the evacuation, was 400 - 1500 mR/h. This exceeds the acceptable norm 75,000 times.

The small museum includes three exhibit halls that seek to inform, remind and issue a stark warning of the reconciliation that is necessary between man, science, and the technology that threatens and endangers the Earth. 

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An informative centre. A must if visiting Chernobyl.

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